COVID-19 Therapy was co-founded by Dr. Corrinne Allyson of Victoria BC Therapy and Ross Dunn of StepForth Web Marketing Inc. in an effort to give back to the incredible front-line health care workers of British Columbia.

Thank You to Our Volunteers and Sponsors!

Ross and Corrinne were assisted by the invaluable support of the following people and sponsors:

Sponsors to Thank

StepForth Web Marketing Inc.

Aside from the individual time and effort by specific staff, StepForth Web Marketing Inc. has paid for all staff hours, premium hosting services on WPEngine, as well as WordPress theme and related plugin licenses.

H2 Accelerator: PR Services

H2 Accelerator did a fantastic job getting the word out about COVID-19 Therapy by donating their Public Relations services. A big thanks to them!

Sitka Law: Legal Advice & Disclaimer

Sitka Law Group donated legal advice to assist us with the creation of an appropriate disclaimer as well as with the overall legalities of this pro bono operation.

People to Thank

  • Dr. Corrinne Allyson for her tireless work coordinating volunteers, creating/molding the initial & final website content, dealing with Ross’s technical jargon, and getting this great idea started.
  • Denis Stenderchuck of StepForth Web Marketing who programmed the inner workings of the website.
  • Dorion Dellabough of Island iNSiGHT Counselling: Dorion helped by making content suggestions & changes, recording & editing the video, and brainstorming the overall registration process.
  • Denise De Pape for her helpful administrative and direct marketing assistance!
  • Lydia Jones of StepForth Web Marketing who created our beautiful logo.
  • Scott Van Achte of StepForth Web Marketing for his excellent search engine optimization (SEO) of the website.


About the Founders

Dr. Corrinne Allyson, Co-Founder

My name is Corrinne Allyson.  I am a Registered Professional Counsellor in private practice in Victoria, BC.  Like many others, I wanted to be of service during the global pandemic. I have been working with StepForth Web Marketing for many years as they manage the SEO for my website www.victoriabctherapy.com.  I heard from a friend how Ontario psychotherapists had come together to volunteer support to front-line health care workers, I contacted Ross Dunn and asked if he would build a website where we could connect BC Counsellors with health workers who could use some support.  He was on board immediately!

There have been different approaches in BC to the need for volunteer counselling in the community.  We recognize that front-line workers are at capacity and many do not have the “bandwidth” left to search different services and find one that works for them.  We wanted something quick, easy and direct. So, COVID19therapy.ca was created.  

We hope this site will be supportive to those to whom we owe so much.

Ross Dunn, Co-Founder

My name is Ross Dunn, I’m the CEO of StepForth Web Marketing Inc. and I’ve been practicing web marketing since 1997. I am also the lucky husband of a front-line health care worker at the Jubilee ICU. This close connection to the front-line and a fascination with the history of pandemics (born of a recent & timely audiobook I had listened to) led me to create COVID19now.com. That website was created to help disseminate accurate information on the pandemic in the hope that it would help flatten the curve and limit the exposure of health care workers like my wife and her amazing colleagues.

Not long after creating COVID19now.com, I heard from Corrinne that she wanted to join forces to create a mental health support initiative for front-line health care workers. I couldn’t say no, and soon thereafter COVID19therapy.ca was created.